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Residential Property Management

If you’re a property owner in the Oklahoma areas of Norman, Moore, or Noble, Draper Realty is a professional property management company that can help you manage your property and maximize your ROI. Our property managers have the cutting-edge resources and professional experience to handle every aspect of managing your rental properties. Our property management services include marketing of your rental property, tenant screening, regular property inspections, as well as property maintenance.

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Real Estate Services

Buying or selling a house is a complex process. One of the most important decisions you can make to streamline the process is to hire the right team to help you. This is especially important if this is your first time, as there are many mistakes you can make without realizing it. Draper Realty is a company that has the experience to help you overcome these challenges and minimize the number of mistakes you run into. We’ll assign you an experienced Oklahoma realtor to help you navigate the process and help you buy or sell your property.

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Our Property Management Services

Filling Vacant Units

We utilize specialized marketing tactics in order to find the right tenants for your property in the shortest time possible. From online strategies, such as advertising on rental listing websites, to traditional marketing methods, such as placing “For Rent” signs and newspaper ads, we have you covered.

Moreover, through tenant screening, we ensure that only the best quality tenants can reside in your property. These are tenants that are respectful, care for the property like their own, rent long-term, and, of course, pay rent on time.

Screening Tenants

Renting to unqualified tenants causes issues down the road for you as a landlord. When you work with us, we require all applicants to undergo a thorough tenant screening. Doing so allows us to gauge an individual's eligibility to reside in your property. We make sure to check for the following:

  • Employment status - We contact the tenant’s employer to verify that their income source is steady, reliable, and meets our criteria.
  • Rental history - We contact the prospective tenant’s previous landlords to know what its like to rent to the tenant under review. From this, we get to know whether the tenant caused property damage, paid rent on time, or disrupted other neighbors, for example.
  • Background - Looking at a prospective tenant’s past also helps us learn a few things about a tenant. Including, whether they have been sued or evicted before.
  • Creditworthiness - We not only look at their credit history, but we also look at their current debt to gauge their suitability to rent our properties.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

It's crucial that your property look the best it can be. When you conduct regular upkeep and inspections, tenants are more likely to stay for longer and less likely to ensue in conflict regarding unhabitable residence. Regular property repair and maintenance also helps to lower your overall maintenance budget. With us on your side, you have access to a team of professional contractors and specialists that will properly care for your rental.

Collecting Rent

As a landlord, experiencing late or missed payments altogether negatively impacts your rental business, as your income becomes inconsistent. With Draper Realty, we put a stop to that with our strutured rent collection system, one that is reliable and ensures that you receive rent payments on time. The lease agreement we compose for you includes details regarding acceptable payment methods, the date the rent is due each month, where and how tenants can pay the rent, the amount of grace period they have, and late fees, if applicable.

Financial Reporting

While working with us, you'll always be kept up-to-date on the performance of your rental property and what expenses are involved. We’ll keep you updated on information regarding your investment’s finances, rental rates, maintenance, and marketing. You’ll be able to access all of this information at the click of a button through our online owner’s portal.



What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

Susan is a fabulous realtor! My family has worked with her through the years on a couple of other occasions. She has always been friendly, knowledgeable and works to continually keep you in the loop of each step of the process. My latest purchase was just as pleasant as the first.

Rhonda Hines

Susan's communication is outstanding. Text messages to keep me informed all the way and every step of the way. She goes above and beyond to solve issues throughout the process of buying. She is simply the best! Her team is dedicated and they follow her lead. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.

Hasmitha Ramakrishnan

Renting my first home with Draper Realty has been a dream. Susan was a great help, as well as the rest of the staff. They are attentive and efficient. I am thankful to rent from a reliable company.

Olivia Spruill

Our Company

Draper Realty was formed in 2018 by Susan Draper, to help clients find their dream homes and maximize their return on investment. We use a number of developed strategies to provide results quickly in the most timely and cost-effective way that we can. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients. Our extensive knowledge of the industry makes us a valuable asset to property owners as well as real estate buyers and sellers.

Areas We Service

  • Norman
  • Noble
  • Moore