Let Us Manage Your Moore Rental Property

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Moore, OK? If so, then you've found the right page!

Draper Realty offers a full range of property management services to its clients. It's headed by owner Susan Draper, the lead realtor that brings in two decades of real estate experience.

If your Moore rental home has been vacant for some time, we'll gladly review the factors that hinder it from being occupied. We can start with a free rental analysis to carefully analyze and set the optimum rental rate. We'll also handle the marketing aspect so your Moore rental home gains more exposure, leading to more prospective leads.

For consistent rental returns, we'll implement our effective rent collection system. Draper Realty provides first rate property maintenance, ensuring your Moore rental home's habitability. We also have a reliable tenant screening process.

Draper Realty is established in Norman, Oklahoma and manages rental properties in Moore, Noble, and Norman. We are members of professional real estate organizations: Norman Board of Realtors (NBR) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Try our professional property management services and contact Draper Realty at (405) 401-8100. We have a trusted and skilled team at your service. We also guarantee a no hassle contracts cancellation should we have a mismatch in expectations. However, rest assured that our team is fully committed to providing exemplary services.

Our Rental Management Services

Draper Realty aims to provide peace of mind to property owners. We happily take over the time-consuming tasks of marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and financial reporting for you. Our trusted team is transparent in our processes with clients.

Here are specific services you'll enjoy when you decide to work with us:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

With our deep exposure to the real estate industry, Draper Realty is able to spot marketing opportunities quickly. We also use tried and tested marketing tools. We craft attractive listings and blend our online advertising with traditional methods to capture different market segment groups. On average, the rental homes we manage stay on the market for 14 days.

We help you in rental price analysis, so you don't end up turning off prospective tenants nor reducing your own profit margins. We carefully study your property's best features and build on those selling points. We make use of all our resources, from networking to using multiple listing sites, so your Moore rental home gains much visibility.

2. Tenant Screening Process

A vital process, Draper Realty conducts extensive screening of tenants. We want to filter those who are unqualified, so you don't end up with an income loss when they may break the lease early. As much as possible, we do a proper assessment to avoid dealing with the hassle of evictions later down the road.

Our aim is to verify a prospect's rental history. We contact references to ascertain that the tenant has a responsible attitude when it comes to paying the rent on time. We also check for behavior to maintain a harmonious environment in your Moore rental home. On the financial front, we ask for income documents and double-check credit scores.

3. Rent Collection

To generate passive income for your Moore rental home, you must be able to collect rent successfully. Draper Realty has designed a reliable rental collection system that's efficient. We're able to collect rent effectively with a 99% success rate.

Your tenants are guided by our clearly written leasing agreement, which outlines the due dates, grace period, and penalty fees. It also contains the payment options and payment methods that tenants can use to pay the rent promptly.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Draper Realty protects the value of your Moore rental home through constant preventive inspections. We attend to property repairs and offer discounted construction services to property owners. It's important to us that you gain savings from a well looked-after property. Our team is composed of excellent specialists when it comes to property care.

When your tenant moves out, we check for property damages and schedule repairs. We also prepare the unit for the next tenant move-in. We are meticulous when it comes to your property's upkeep.

We believe that tenants deserve to stay in a properly maintained home, so we strive to keep your rental unit attractive and clean. This contributes to tenants wanting to stay longer. Thus, you get to enjoy consistent returns on your real estate investment.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

As a rule, we pursue transparency in our property management business. All property owners have access to the necessary information regarding their rental properties. You can easily look at financial reports to see the profitability and expense statements. We provide login information for an owner's portal, which is available online.

About Moore, OK

Moore is considered part of Cleveland County. It's situated between Oklahoma City and Norman. The city was named after Al Moore, a former railway employee. Originally, Moore was known as Verbeck.

Moore is considered one of the fastest growing cities, filled with plenty of premier entertainment and food options. Families can experience memories in the city altogether, given the multitude of attractions surrounding Moore.

Residents enjoy living in Moore for its family-friendly environment. There are several shops, restaurants, theaters, parks, and retail establishments that can be found here.

Access to quality education is available, with award-winning public schools in the area. In Moore, there's a strong sense of community and the crime rate is low. Local businesses are also flourishing, and the community is diverse.

Here are interesting places to see in Moore, Oklahoma:

  1. The Moore Warren Movie Theatre
  2. Yellow Rose Theater
  3. Buck Thomas Park
  4. Museum of Osteology
  5. The Station at Central Park Aquatic Center
  6. Twisted Axes Throw House
  7. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park
  8. Moore Escape Rooms
  9. Moore Parks and Recreation
  10. Fairmoore Park

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

Draper Realty services the areas of Norman, Goldsby, Newcastle, Noble, Blanchard, South Oklahoma City and Moore. If you live in any of these areas and require property management support, contact us today!