If you own an investment property in Norman, Moore, or Noble areas of Oklahoma and need a professional property manager, Draper Realty can help. When you hire our services, you’ll no longer need to worry about filling vacant rentals, finding the right tenant, or maintaining your property

Susan Draper – the founder – has been in the real estate and property management industry for over 15 years. She brings her professional experience to help property owners realize their investment goals.

Draper Realty is affiliated with professional organizations such as NAR (National Association of Realtors) and NBR (Norman Board of Realtors).

If you are ready to have us professionally manage your property, please reach us by calling (405) 401-8100 or sending us an email at office@draperrealty.net.

Why Hire Us

Our property management services are technology-driven, scalable, and reliable. They are specially designed to help property owners overcome any challenges they are experiencing in the day-to-day running of their rental properties.

We provide the following property management services:

1. Filling Vacant Units

Thanks to our real estate and property management experience, Draper Realty has effective marketing strategies that enable us to fill vacant rental units in the shortest amount of time.

Our goal is to make sure your property is exposed to as many prospective tenants as possible. Using traditional marketing methods like placing “For Rent” signs and newspaper ads to conventional methods like running social media campaigns and PPC ads, we’ll do everything necessary to make sure your property gets a suitable tenant quickly.

fill vacant oklahoma rental property

What’s more, we won’t just rent to any interested tenant who might end up being problematic down the line. We rent to the right caliber of tenants. These are tenants that are respectful, care for the property like their own, rent long-term, and, of course, pay rent on time.

2. Repairing & Maintaining your Property

The Oklahoma landlord-tenant law requires that landlords provide a habitable property that adheres to the state’s health, safety, and building codes. Draper Realty can help maintain your property to these standards.

A properly maintained property is also more attractive to prospective tenants. No tenant wants to live in a property that looks rundown and shows signs of deferred maintenance. We have a team of reliable and professional contractors that can help us in this regard.

Regular property repair and maintenance also helps to lower your overall maintenance budget. This is because regular maintenance ensures issues are discovered early before they have become serious and potentially costly.

3. Collecting Rent

Is your cash flow suffering because of missed or late rent payments? If so, Draper Realty can help. Missed or late payments only serve to derail your ultimate goal of maximizing your rental income.

At Draper Realty, we have systems in place to ensure our clients get paid when they should. It goes without saying that consistent rent payments are key to running a successful rental investment.

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We’ll ensure that your lease agreement is detailed in regards to its rent-related terms. This includes detailing acceptable payment methods, the date the rent is due each month, where and how tenants can pay the rent, the amount of grace period they have, and late fees, if applicable. We are steadfast in enforcing each of these terms.

If a tenant fails to pay consistently, you can count on our experience and knowledge of the local and state laws to bring this issue to a sensible conclusion.

4. Screening Tenants

Draper Realty can help you find the best tenants to rent your property to. Our tenant screening process ensures that we minimize the chances of renting to the wrong tenant as much as possible. The following are some of the things we check when screening prospective tenants.

  • The tenant’s employment status. We contact the tenant’s employer to verify that their income source is steady, reliable, and meets our criteria.
  • The tenant’s rental history. We’ll contact the prospective tenant’s previous landlords to know what its like to rent to the tenant under review. From this, we get to know whether the tenant caused property damage, paid rent on time, or disrupted other neighbors, for example.
  • The tenant’s background. Looking at a prospective tenant’s past also helps us learn a few things about a tenant. Including, whether they have been sued or evicted before.
  • The potential tenant’s creditworthiness. We not only look at their credit history, but we also look at their current debt to gauge their suitability to rent our properties.

oklahoma rental property tenant

5. Financial Reporting

At Draper Realty, we aim to provide our clients with regular updates about the financial performance of their property. We’ll keep you updated on information regarding your investment’s finances, rental rates, maintenance, and marketing.

You’ll be able to access this information at your convenience. Your online owner’s portal will allow you to easily access all this vital information.

About Draper Realty

Draper Realty was formed in 2018. The founder, Susan Draper comes with more than 15 years of real estate industry experience. Besides managing properties, Draper Realty can also help in the selling and listing of properties.

As a full-service property management company, we cater to our clients individual needs, including marketing their property, screening potential tenants, collecting rent, and maintaining their property.

Give us a call today, and let us help you get started on a journey to financial freedom through guaranteed passive income. You can reach us on (405) 401-8100 or by sending us an email at office@draperrealty.net.