Costs That Landlords Don’t Notice They’re Accruing

As a full-time landlord you could be juggling a lot of duties. As such, landlords can spend beyond what they initially target when operating their rentals and this is understandable due to variable expenses. Still, it’s vital to keep tracking your business expenses to find out where you’re likely to spend more and it prevents you from throwing money away for non-essential items.

The following are rental costs that property owners often don’t notice they’re accruing:

Allocating Property Maintenance Costs

One of the major expenses landlords have to budget for consists of property maintenance. If you get the numbers wrong when you’re renovating your rental or delaying major repairs, it can set your profit back.

For instance, if you’re dealing with a leaky roof, it can also cause damage to your floors if left unattended. You’ll need to allocate significantly more for the repair fees. That’s why, it’s advisable to always perform consistent property inspections to discover any property issues early. Avoiding this task can lead to tenant turnovers and a vacant unit, which requires spending more on maintenance.

To save on maintenance fees, ensure you schedule regular property inspections. If you resolve problems at the outset, then you protect your rental income. Moreover, you also ensure that the property value is retained or even increased. Thus, your renters grow happier and are likely to renew their leases which ultimately provides you with steady earnings longer-term.


Spending on Legal Fees

Running a rental home equates to the possibility of encountering legal risks. To deal with them, partnering with legal professionals is ideal so that costly legal errors are reduced. If not, you could end up spending more defending yourself in court.

For instance, if your tenants skip paying their monthly rent and won’t vacate the unit an eviction will likely become necessary. However, you need to follow a proper legal approach for it to be successful.

Having access to legal expertise is necessary to limit legal expenses. Find out what services a legal professional provides and make sure you’re extracting the highest value. Pick a legal partner that focuses on real estate.

Review the legal fees being charged to make sure you get maximum benefits. You might also want to go over your rental procedures to assess your legal services needs. If you’re always evicting the renters, you may want to design a better tenant screening process.

Welcoming Renters that Don’t Meet Your Standards

While you may celebrate finding renters right away to shorten the vacancy period, you can still end up with the short end of the stick if you allow low-quality renters to occupy the rental unit. Ignoring red flags can lead to future issues like non-payment of the rent or property damage. It’s, therefore, best to be thorough in carrying out your tenant screening.


You may save time initially if you skip certain critical stages of screening a renter but this can impact your bottom line. It can also be time-consuming to perform an eviction. Ultimately, entertaining renters that are problematic can result in spending more money and time rather than sticking with the standards you’ve set in accepting renters.

Going Through Extensive Gaps of Property Vacancies

An empty rental space can be expensive to maintain. You’d need to set aside a budget for repairs and cleaning, in addition to designating a fund for marketing costs. Without rental earnings to fall back on, it can be difficult to pay for them.

It’s vital to prepare a budget for vacancies so you can finance marketing campaigns, perform tenant screenings, and get your property rent-ready. Consider setting aside additional money to pay required HOA fees, utility bills, and taxes.

If the rental has been empty for a couple of months, it can be expensive to maintain it. You can strategize by planning a renovation project to add more amenities and attract more prospective renters. You can also adjust the rent rate to be more in line with the market demand and what your rental offers.


Paying for Vendors and Contractor Fees

With DIY maintenance and repairs, you’re more likely to inadvertently spend more and may even require a redo. For this reason, establishing a trusted network of vendors and contractors is essential for your regular property maintenance. It’s even more critical when a property emergency occurs as your priority should be keeping your tenants safe.

Maintaining an efficient rental operation requires you to work with home specialists, such as plumbers, painters, and other professional contractors. You’ll also be needing a reliable team of administrative and accounting personnel to organize your paperwork. Before choosing a contractor and administrative and accounting staff, research properly and screen vendors as well.

Even if you’re a busy landlord, it’s important to assess the vendors’ and contractors’ services. You’ll want to find out if the fees match the value of the services they offer. Checking the fees periodically is also a great practice so you’ll be updated with any rate changes that can increase your operating costs.

When establishing your network of vendors, aim for value, read reviews, and evaluate the recommendations. When you have excellent professional contacts, you can negotiate for better rates and free added services, especially when you’re working with them for the long term.


Hire a Property Manager to Reduce Overspending

Another great way to lower overspending is to engage the services of a trusted property manager. A property management company can offer plenty of benefits to a landlord including negotiating vendor rates and providing discounted services and overseeing ongoing renovation projects, and ensuring all requirements are followed.

Bottom Line

Knowing the high costs landlords can accrue while running a rental and learning the advantages that a property management company provides can help you save money. However, if all of this sounds daunting, you may want to consider partnering with a dedicated property manager. If you’re looking for one, contact Draper Realty today!

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